Go Forward with Gregor and Vision

Vision stands proudly with LGBTTQ community to move Vancouver forward
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Vancouver Sun: Vancouver's new $1.08-billion capital plan addresses people-related issues
Four-year program focuses on child care, recreation, housing and cycle/pedestrian traffic improvements By Jeff Lee In an election-themed effort reflecting... read more
Former Park Board Chair Niki Sharma to run for City Council with Vision Vancouver team
Vision Vancouver  May 21, 2014 Vancouver - Vision Vancouver officially welcomed former Park Board Chair Niki Sharma to its team... read more
Vancouver mayor wants UBC subway line considered of ‘national significance’
  Getting federal money for the $3-billion line unlikely without such a designation, Robertson says By Peter O'Neil  OTTAWA —... read more
The Globe and Mail: Robertson’s vision for Vancouver slowly takes shape
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Vision Vancouver builds on campaign momentum with new positive outreach
Vision Vancouver June 1, 2014 Vision Vancouver builds on campaign momentum with new positive outreach 偉景溫哥華,以簇新確實的外展方案,來持續在競選中的衝刺 Vancouver – In the latest step preparing for... read more