Vision Vancouver Platform

Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team’s platform for the next four years is detailed, costed, and achievable. It focuses on the priorities Vancouverites care about – better transit, affordable housing, support for families and neighbourhoods – and builds on what makes Vancouver great.
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Better Transit and a Greener City

Vision has set the goal to be the Greenest City in the world, and we’re making progress. Read our plan for improving transit by investing in day-to-day improvements and championing the Broadway Subway to cut congestion. We’ll also speak out against Kinder Morgan, take action on climate change, and support local food and zero waste programs.

More Affordable Housing and Support for the Most Vulnerable

Affordability is a big challenge in Vancouver. If we want to be a city where people on a range of incomes can live – not just the very wealthy – we need to pursue innovative ideas on affordable housing, child care, and social services. Read Vision’s plan for getting new rental housing built, addressing mental health and addictions, and increasing child care.

An Inclusive City

Vancouver is known around the world as a diverse, inclusive, welcoming city. Read Vision’s plan for supporting our LGBTTQ community, making Vancouver an age-friendly city for seniors, and ensuring we are a world-leading city of inclusion for immigrants and refugees.

Strong, Vibrant Neighbourhoods

Vancouver is a city of neighbourhoods, and over the past six years, we’ve made big strides with later patio hours, more festivals, new farmers’ markets and new tasting lounges. Read Vision’s plan to make Vancouver a more fun, livable city, as we extend patio hours, enhance public safety, invest in local artists, and make Vancouver a more engaged city.

Growing An Economy For All of Vancouver

Vancouver’s economy is diverse and growing, and we need to make sure that City Hall supports local businesses and economic opportunity. Gregor and Vision’s economic plan continues our commitment to keep taxes low, support our booming local tech sectors, and ensure that small business and social enterprise can succeed in Vancouver.

Share The Plan

Gregor and Vision's plan covers everything from housing and child care, to arts and culture and the economy, to public education, better parks and a stronger environment. Help us get the word out in this election by sharing Vision's platform online.

Together, Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver will provide the strong, experienced leadership our city needs to keep moving forward. Our platform builds on Vancouver's strengths - our diversity, our natural environment, and a desire to be a global leader - and provides a path for how we can make Vancouver a better city tomorrow.