Here’s how it works:

You nominate an outstanding woman who is a leader in her community (tell us why on the next page!).

She gets a notice that you’ve nominated her (and why!).

If she’s interested in running for office or getting more involved in civic politics, we’ll connect her with our #WomenWithVision team to learn more.

We respect your privacy. If she’s not interested in running for office with Vision, or doesn’t respond, we won’t contact her again.

Vision Vancouver is a political movement that’s inclusive of all genders and orientations. #WomenWithVision engages with those interested in promoting women, and all self-identified women, in politics. We engage with allies, including men, to support women that want to pursue a role in politics.

If you have any issues submitting this form or you would like to nominate multiple women, please email their information to [email protected]