With less than three weeks to Election Day, the NPA's Kirk LaPointe continues to evade basic questions about his position on key issues in Vancouver -- highlighting the risk presented by the NPA in this election.

In contrast to past NPA campaigns that released detailed, costed platforms with clear policies, the NPA's Kirk LaPointe has refused to put forward a platform. Instead, voters are left to guess what an inexperienced candidate would do on issues like affordable housing, the environment, or the economy.

To date, the NPA's Kirk LaPointe has:

  • refused to release an environmental platform
  • been unable to provide costing for promises on parking, counterflow lanes
  • incorrectly stated where a Broadway Subway would start from
  • confused the Vancouver Economic Commission with the Vancouver Foundation
  • proposed a system of mini freeways on main streets, without saying where or when

When pressed on key issues, Mr. LaPointe has not just refused to answer, but simply turned and walked away. A video of Mr. LaPointe balking at a question on transit funding and shutting down a press conference has been viewed by more than 2,000 people in less than 72 hours.

Watch the video:

Stefan Avlijas


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