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March 3, 2017 (Vancouver, BC) – In response to the Goldner report released by the Vancouver School Board (VSB) this morning, Vision Vancouver’s elected trustees Dr Joy Alexander, Patti Bacchus, Mike Lombardi and Allan Wong have issued the following statement:

“As trustees elected by the residents of Vancouver, our commitment was to ensure accountability in the provision of quality, publicly accessible education and sound fiscal management of the school district. Our priority was to make decisions that met the needs and concerns of students, families and communities.

We are proud of our track record of advocacy and community engagement and ensuring communities had a voice in decisions that affected them. We treated all VSB staff with respect and courtesy and we did not participate in or witness workplace bullying or harassment. We are concerned to hear the findings of the report and agree that workplace bullying and harassment are unacceptable. All employees are entitled to a safe and respectful work environment.

While we were under strong pressure from Education Minister Mike Bernier and our senior management team to move quickly to close schools, we stand by our decision to suspend the process. It was the right thing to do.

We continue to be concerned by the political interference in the democratic process by the provincial government as a way to deflect from their neglect of public education.”

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Stepan Vdovine
Executive Director, Vision Vancouver

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