In advance of the 2018 municipal election this fall, Vision Vancouver has officially opened nominations for candidates seeking to join the Vision team.

“Our goal is to nominate outstanding candidates that reflect the unique neighbourhoods and diverse communities that make this city great,” said Sheena Sargeant, Vision Vancouver Co-Chair. “We have a lot of work ahead – and it starts with a vibrant nomination race that brings new ideas and passion to the forefront of our vision and our city.”

Nominations will close in June, when members will vote to select the candidates who will run as the Vision Vancouver team going into the fall campaign. The number of candidates Vision will run for Council, Park Board and School Board has yet to be determined.

At this time, Vision is not formally opening a nomination process for the mayoral race.

“There has been a lot of talk about the need for Vancouver’s progressive parties to work together to keep the NPA out of office. With this in mind, we’re creating an opportunity to collaborate with other parties for an independent or partisan mayoral candidate to seek the support of our members,” said Sargeant.

As a first step, Vision has invited all expressions of interest in the mayoral race by April 16.

“Vancouver is at a critical moment - whether we’re talking about housing, transit, jobs, education, recreation, or our local environment and green spaces - and we all know how important it is to have progressive government in City Hall, School Board and Park Board that represents our progressive values and priorities,” said Sargeant.  ‘The threat that the NPA presents should not be underestimated. The NPA has already made it clear they intend to reverse many of the progressive policies Vision has implemented over the past 10 years.”

Anyone interested in seeking the Vision Vancouver endorsement should contact the party for a nomination packages.


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