After receiving multiple expressions of interest from potential candidates for mayor, Vision Vancouver announced today that it will open nominations for a Vision Vancouver candidate for mayor in the upcoming 2018 municipal election.

 “Vancouver is at a critical moment, and the out-of-touch NPA are gearing up to take Vancouver in the wrong direction, whether it’s cancelling the empty homes tax or ripping out bike lanes,” said Vision Vancouver Co-Chair Michael Haack.  “Based on the level of interest from candidates committed to Vision Vancouver, our members, and our principles, now is the right time for Vision to open the formal nomination process for a Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate.

“We believe there are potential candidates interested in running as Vision’s mayoral candidate who would appeal to a broad segment of progressive voters in Vancouver and are best positioned to defeat the NPA in October.”

In late March, Vision Vancouver issued a public call for those interested in a run for mayor to inform the party if they wished to seek the support of Vision Vancouver members, including independent mayoral candidates, or mayoral candidates from other political parties.

Haack said the party was contacted by a variety of potential candidates interested in running for mayor, including several considering a run under the Vision Vancouver banner. After consideration and discussion, the Board made the decision this week to open a formal nomination race to candidates who want to run as a Vision mayoral candidate in the upcoming election.

The Board spent many weeks carefully discussing various scenarios, including the options of endorsing an independent candidate, or a candidate from another party, and their ability to run a competitive, city-wide campaign.

"Vision received expressions of interest from independents and candidates from other parties seeking Vision's endorsement for mayor, and considered each one carefully,” said Haack. “However, with less than six months to the election, it is clear that none of the potential candidates has emerged as a consensus choice, and to date have not been able to secure cross-party support, which would be essential to the success of an independent campaign.

“While Vision is launching its mayoral nomination process, we have yet to determine the number of seats we will run for Council, Park and School Board, or to finalize our policy platform. We will continue discussions with other progressive parties on opportunities for collaboration in the upcoming campaign to defeat the NPA in October."

Vision has set a deadline of May 11 for potential mayoral candidates to submit their nomination package. Candidates who would like to run for mayor need to officially request a package through the form on the vision webpage at

Vision Vancouver will hold a nomination vote for the mayoral candidate on Sunday, June 24, 2018. Further details will be announced at a later date.

Vision continues to accept applications for nomination from candidates for Council, School Board and Park Board. A nomination date for Vision members to select candidates for Council, School and Park Board has not been set yet.



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