Today Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team continued to highlight their positive plan for Vancouver and the risks of letting the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe drag our city backward, and released a series of new ads outlining the choice facing voters in this election.

“Vision Vancouver has the experience and strong leadership needed to keep moving Vancouver forward to build new affordable housing, build a new Broadway Subway, and continue creating new jobs in a fast-growing economy,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “The NPA’s Kirk LaPointe has kept his platform a secret, taken crucial transit issues off the rails, and walked away from tough questions. That’s the choice facing voters in this election, and it highlights the risks of the letting the NPA take Vancouver backward.”

One new ad will air on television and online, while others are hitting radio airwaves. The release of the new ads comes one week before the opening of early voting on November 4th.

“Yesterday the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe said housing affordability is ‘not the most important issue in the campaign’ and continued to hint at a secret plan to cut crucial city services,” said Vision Councillor Heather Deal. “If Mr. LaPointe lived, worked, or paid taxes in Vancouver, he would understand that affordable housing and strong city services are top priorities in our city. Vision has the strong team and proven leadership Vancouver needs to keep moving our city forward - the NPA just isn’t worth the risk.”

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