Building on nearly a decade of advocacy for campaign finance reform in British Columbia that has often been blocked by the NPA, Vision Vancouver will release a list of its campaign donors this weekend following a fundraiser tonight that is expected to be attended by over 1,000 Vancouver residents.

“I’m proud of the support Vision Vancouver enjoys with residents of all backgrounds who share our commitment to keep Vancouver moving forward,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “In contrast to the NPA, Vision has long advocated for the necessary provincial changes to make comprehensive campaign finance reform. Releasing the list of donors supporting our campaign is just one more way Vision Vancouver is running a positive and transparent campaign, while the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe has repeatedly refused to even release a fully-costed platform.”

The NPA voted to block campaign finance reform and received the largest donation in the history of Canadian politics in the last election, while the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe launched his campaign by saying BC’s current lack of strong campaign finance laws is “the right direction.”

Vision Vancouver also supports a provincial change that would require candidates running for local office to reside in the city they are seeking to govern.

Stefan Avlijas


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