Vision Vancouver sent a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs today, seeking action to close the loophole in the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act and enforce the spirit of the legislation to remove big money from municipal politics.
In a letter to Minister Selina Robinson, Vision Co-Chair Michael Haack said, “Like you, we are now dismayed to discover that the NPA continues to solicit corporate contributions, despite a very clear direction from your government and an abundantly clear public expectation that corporate/union money should never again flow into the coffers of municipal political parties.”
Vision is calling for the BC Government to take additional steps to retroactively rectify this matter and ensure Elections BC is given all necessary tools to appropriately enforce legislation.
“Vision Vancouver and our elected officials on City Council have fought to change campaign finance rules for over a decade,” said Haack. “The spirit of the legislation introduced last fall is clear: there is no scenario where municipal parties can accept corporate donations. This needs to be enforced now.”
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