With 50 days to the Vancouver election, Vision Vancouver released a new campaign ad, highlighting Mayor Gregor Robertson’s work to move the city forward as a green, innovative city.

Vision Vancouver has put forward a number of policies in this election campaign, outlining a clear contrast with the NPA:

  • A detailed commitment of $400,000 a year to reduce child hunger, by expanding the Vancouver School Board’s Breakfast Programs to 1,300 kids;
  • A clear position in support of a Broadway Subway to reduce congestion, and to advocate in support of better transit in the 2015 referendum;
  • A commitment to speaking out against Kinder Morgan’s risky increase of 340 more oil tankers in our waters, by intervening in the National Energy Board hearings;
  • A new Affordable Housing Agency that will build 500 new homes in its first three years, for people who live and work in Vancouver.

“Vancouver voters face a clear choice in this election: go forward with the strong, experienced leadership of Vision Vancouver, or risk going backwards with an out-of-touch NPA,” said Vision Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With Vision, voters know that we’ll keep strengthening our environment, advocating for better transit and growing our economy.

“It’s been more than two months since the NPA’s Mr LaPointe entered the mayoral race, and we still have not heard any ideas from him on housing, the environment, or the economy. With 50 days to go, voters need to be aware of the risk of an inexperienced NPA that refuses to talk about the issues that matter.”

Vision's new campaign ad can be viewed at: http://youtu.be/2xx6qO2Qncw.

Stefan Avlijas


cStreet Campaigns (@cstreet_ca) by day | feline enthusiast by night