Important Voting Information for Vision Vancouver Members

This is an exciting week for Vision Vancouver members!  You get to cast your votes for the team of candidates who will run with our Mayoral Candidate Ian Campbell this October.

Vision Vancouver Nomination Vote for Council & Park Board

Date: Sunday, July 8
Time: 10 am  - 6 pm
Location: Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athlete’s Way
RSVP here

Here are some important things you need to know to vote:

  • you must be a Vision Vancouver member in good standing as of June 23, 2018.  
  • you must bring identification that proves your identity (name) and residential address.

Come prepared to vote for six candidates!  

In order for your ballots to count, you must vote for four (4) Council candidates and two (2) Park Board candidates.

We have a great group of candidates seeking your vote in the nomination race, and this is an exciting opportunity to build the new Vision team heading into the October election.  If you want to know more about all of them, you can check out all of our candidate profiles online here.

If you missed last week’s all candidates meeting, you can watch the Facebook livestream.

What about School Board?

Our candidates for School Board are Allan Wong, Erin Arnold and Aaron Leung.  We are very proud to have them on the team. If you joined Vision to support the School Board team, we hope you will come out to help us choose the rest of the team for Council and Park Board too.

Thank you for all of your commitment and support.  We can’t do this without you.


Coree Tull & Chris Gorczynski
Vision Vancouver, Nomination Committee Co-chairs