Mayor Gregor Robertson was joined by members of the Vision team today at the VCC-Clark Skytrain station, outlining Vision Vancouver’s commitment to transit and the risk of an inexperienced NPA.

“With Vision, voters get strong, experienced leadership on transit, at a time when we need to move forward on the Broadway Subway and reduce congestion,” said Mayor Robertson. “Our plan on transit is clear and addresses our transportation needs. What we’ve seen from the NPA is confusion, inexperience, and an approach to transit that would take Vancouver backwards.”

The VCC-Clark Millennium Line skytrain station is where a new Broadway Subway will start. On Tuesday, the NPA’s Mr. LaPointe said the subway would extend “from Commercial Drive to UBC.”

“The NPA’s inexperience is on display when their own mayoral candidate does not know where the Broadway Subway would start from,” said Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs. “It’s an example of how the NPA’s Mr. LaPointe has not done his homework on the big issues facing our city.”

Mr. LaPointe also promised drastic changes to Vancouver streets by creating Massey Tunnel-style counterflow lanes, although he refused to say which streets, how many, by when, or how much it would cost or where the funding would come from.

“Vision Vancouver has worked hard to make the Broadway Subway a priority in the region, and Mr. LaPointe’s plan seems to be to make our main streets more like freeways,” continued Meggs. “The fact they won’t share the details is worrying.”

As part of their plan for better transit and a greener city, Vision Vancouver will also prioritize investments to upgrade 100 new bus stop shelters and extra benches at B-Line and other busy transit stops throughout Vancouver.

“Improving the quality of bus stops throughout Vancouver is a simple but useful way to make life easier for transit riders,” said Vision Council candidate Niki Sharma. “I hear regularly from seniors and young families about the need to make bus stops more comfortable. If re-elected, this is something a Vision Vancouver council will invest in.”

Vision Vancouver’s transit plan includes:

  • Continue to make the Broadway Subway the number one transportation priority, and ensure that construction protects local businesses, and that new station development respects neighbourhoods.
  • Strongly support the TransLink Mayor’s Council 10-year plan in the referendum held in 2015. It includes Phase 1 of the Broadway Subway to Arbutus, new B-Line service for 41st, Victoria, and Hastings, and more night buses -- it is critical that the referendum passes.
  • Increase investments in upgrades for bus stops, including 100 new bus stop shelters and extra benches at B-line stops and frequent transit routes.
  • Support enhanced transportation service for seniors by continuing to support the HandyDart service and oppose any service cuts.
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