Vision Vancouver will be introducing a motion at the next city council meeting calling on all members of City Council to go on record supporting the closure of a loophole that is allowing the NPA to accept unlimited corporate donations, after the BC Government brought in campaign finance legislation intended to end corporate influence in municipal politics.

“The BC Government was very clear last fall: they introduced legislation to ban big money from municipal politics,” said Vision Councillor Andrea Reimer. “Recent admissions from the NPA that they are flouting this intention and actively seeking corporate cash not only goes against the spirit of the legislation, but goes against their own support of a ban on corporate donations in municipal politics. We are calling on the four NPA councillors to renounce their party’s corporate fundraising and join us in urging the BC government to tighten the legislation.”

To date, the four NPA councillors have remained silent on the admission from the NPA president that their party is actively seeking and accepting unlimited corporate donations. 

Questions the NPA councillors need to answer:

  • How much corporate money has the NPA fundraised? Who donated it?
  • How big were the donations? Has the NPA accepted any donations larger than the $1200 limit?
  • Will you disclose an itemized account of what you spent the corporate money on?

The motion will come to the Council meeting on Tuesday, May 1st.

Media contact: Andrea Reimer (604) 719-3920