Most of us are still processing the outcome of the US election last week. Feelings of anxiety, anger, and fear for the future might be tempting us to disconnect from the outside world.

We have an invitation for you: let's debrief, raise a glass, and chat about how to go forward together.

Join us on November 24 for our next Vision After Work at the heart of the West End. Let's share a drink and channel the power of community to define how we will continue making Vancouver a safer, more connected, and more inclusive city for all of us.

WHEN: November 24, 5:30pm

WHERE: 1181 Davie Street

Warren Rudd Rodger Ricker Jodene Eldstrom Catherine Evans Jacob Kojfman Jon Roque Susan Lowe Rocco Trigueros Susie McEwan Dario Garousian Katie Maslechko Barbara Plymstead Ben Bolliger Sarah Zaharia Walter Salazar Marika Wagner Brendan Row Aviva Lazar Lucas Leung Anna Lai Deborah Thiel Michael Nenonen Anne Kates Nicole Schouela Conner Copeman Kriti Dewan Michael Magee Jenn Mickey Greg Elzinga MaLa SaHan Adeline Huynh Steve McMinn Mario Bacsafra Tanya Paz Matthew Look moneca gabriel Eva Choy Idrenne Lim Alparaque Catherine Green David Mivasair Shelby Chapman Odilia Dys-Steenbergen Zachery Cameron Longboy Hema Subramanyam Blair Smith Paola murillo Shila Avissa Daniela Gardea

Will you come?