Vancouver – Vision Vancouver is calling upon the NPA to condemn disturbing comments made today by two of its School Trustees, after Trustee Ken Denike (the NPA’s longest-serving elected official) and Sophia Woo convened a press conference to suggest that support for the rights of LGBTTQ students could somehow harm property values.

“Vancouver is known throughout the world for our commitment to a learning environment that is safe and inclusive for students of all backgrounds, including LGBTTQ students,” said Vision School Trustee and School Board Chair Patti Bacchus. “My colleagues and I are incredibly disappointed that the NPA would once again try to play politics at the expense of our students, and this underscores the clear risks of allowing the NPA to take Vancouver backward.

“The NPA should apologize for in any way suggesting that LGBTTQ students or their rights could have a negative impact on our community, and I hope all NPA elected officials and prospective Mayoral candidates will condemn these remarks. Our city is greatly enriched and strengthened by our diversity, and today’s actions only serve to demonstrate that the NPA is dramatically out of touch with today’s Vancouver.”

Stefan Avlijas


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