By: Gregor Roberston, Mayor of Vancouver

Mayor Gregor Robertson announces biggest transit expansion in Vancouver in almost a decade

This week, I was thrilled to announce major improvements to our region’s transportation system.

It’s the biggest investment in transit since 2009, and it means you’ll start to see immediate improvements in our transit, roads, cycling and walking infrastructure. All three levels of government partnered to deliver these services — in fact, it’s the most advanced, integrated, and sustainable transit investment plan in the country.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • An 11% capacity boost to the Canada Line at peak times, moving 3700 more people each way per day.
  • More peak time service on Expo and Millennium Lines, and more weekend service.
  • Doubled SeaBus service on Sundays and holidays.
  • Keeping the Broadway Subway on track for breaking ground next year.
  • More to come: bus service expansion, increased HandyDART service, and road improvements to reduce bottlenecks and congestion.

You can read the entire plan at Translink’s website.

This is a major investment, and it’s one we’ve been working hard to deliver for you. But as anyone who has taken an overcrowded bus in Vancouver knows, it’s also just a fraction of the new services and infrastructure we need to reduce congestion. Phase Two of the Translink plan includes the new Broadway Subway, which we’re fiercely advocating for with our federal and provincial counterparts.

I’ll share more details of the Phase Two plan as we move into 2017, so be sure to Like our Facebook page to stay connected.