Swimming Lessons for All

Every child has the right to be safe in the water, yet accidental drowning is the second leading cause of death in children. And all those deaths are preventable.

Unfortunately, swimming lessons at public facilities are hard to come by, and it has become even harder to find lessons in the COVID years.

There’s a better way to keep our kids safe –

Vision Vancouver is championing the idea of a new program that would make free swimming lessons part of elementary schooling for every child in Vancouver. Our program would:

  • Save lives
  • Ensure every child learns to swim, not just the privileged who can currently access lessons easily
  • Support positive health benefits for our children
  • Create new new inexpensive year round family activities for families to enjoy together - thanks to Vancouver’s public pools and discounted swimming rates
  • Create new employment opportunities for pool and lifeguard staff 


To learn more about this important issue and why it’s so crucial we do something about it, read about it in Kera McArthur’s  Op-Ed in the Daily Hive

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