Last night, your Vision Vancouver trustees voted to suspend the school closure process, effective immediately. This decision, also supported by the sole Green Party trustee, is about putting kids first.

The provincial government’s recent announcement removing the 95% capacity utilization was a driving force behind our decision. The facts on the ground have changed, and we need a comprehensive and thoughtful plan to move forward with a consultation process that respects the needs of students, parents, and communities. We will not be rushed into making decisions that could negatively impact kids.

I was disappointed to watch all four NPA trustees abstain from the vote.

It’s a challenging time in public education – in Vancouver, and across the province. We need to continue to press the provincial government to adequately fund our schools. We’ve proven time and time again that advocacy and activism works – whether in the form of increased seismic funding for safer schools, or a removal of the 95% utilization rule.

We will always defend public education against chronic underfunding. It’s reassuring to know that you’ve got our back; thank you for your support.



Daniela Gardea


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