Vision Vancouver's advocacy against increased oil tanker traffic in local waters is in stark contrast to the NPA's silence, says Mayor Gregor Robertson, and after almost two months since he started campaigning, it is time for the NPA's Mr. LaPointe to explain why he refuses to speak out against a project that clearly is not in Vancouver's interests.
“Kinder Morgan's proposal for 340 more oil tankers in our local waters represents an enormous threat to our local economy and environment,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Vancouver needs strong, experienced leadership in its Mayor and Council, who are prepared to take a stand and represent our city’s concerns. 
"Given the widespread opposition in Vancouver to Kinder Morgan's expansion proposal, the refusal by the NPA and Mr. LaPointe to stand up against more oil tankers is out of touch with today’s Vancouver, and highlights the risks involved in this election. It's been almost two months and Mr LaPointe continues to follow the NPA and avoid this issue at all costs.”
NPA Councillor George Affleck voted against the City opposing increased oil tanker traffic, and has said that the City should simply ‘trust in the federal review process.’  The NPA’s Mr. LaPointe refused to take a stand against an increase in oil tanker traffic when he launched his campaign nearly two months ago. In comments published in last Friday's Globe and Mail, Mr LaPointe indicated he was more concerned about offending the Federal Government in opposing the pipeline expansion.
“Vancouver’s elected leaders have a responsibility to protect local businesses, residents, and taxpayers from the risks and costs of a major oil spill on or near our shores, especially when Vancouver’s $3.6 billion tourism industry alone supports over 28,000 jobs,” added Mayor Robertson. “As long as I am Mayor, Vancouver can count on strong leadership against a proposed increase of 340 oil tankers through our local waters, and Mr. LaPointe’s refusal to stand up for Vancouver shows why we can’t let the NPA take us backwards.
"If the NPA's Mr LaPointe believes a massive increase in oil tankers is somehow in the best interests of Vancouver, I look forward to hearing him make the case to voters."
Stefan Avlijas


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