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Yesterday, City Council approved Vancouver’s first Renewable City Action Plan.

It’s a detailed, achievable plan to make life more affordable by requiring energy efficient buildings and green transportation alternatives, improving health outcomes with cleaner air, and supporting local businesses as we strive to meet our greenest city targets. It’s an important plan, and it’s going to help us fight climate change together.

Guess who voted against it?

All four NPA councillors — including their newest councillor — former oil and gas lobbyist Hector Bremner.

Here’s what the NPA said ‘No’ to:

  • Reducing your household energy bills by making new buildings more energy efficient.
  • Increasing electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Expanding low-emission transit options and getting the Broadway Subway built.

Vancouver is now a global leader on combatting climate change. But if the NPA has their way, they’ll try to undo our hard work. They call it “deregulation”. I call it moving backwards on affordability, clean air, and a greener city.

Yesterday’s vote was a clear reminder that on affordability and climate change, there is a big, big difference between Vision Vancouver and the NPA. And it’s why our party is working hard to prepare for next year’s election.

Our team won’t stop fighting to build an affordable, sustainable city. I hope you’ll continue to stand with us.

Take care,

Andrea Reimer
City Councillor, Vision Vancouver

PS: If you’re with us, please click here to make a contribution to our campaign fund. Any amount — whether it’s $10, $20, or even $100 — helps us prepare to take on the NPA in 2018.


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