“After months of dodging, the NPA finally releases a platform on the first day of voting, and voters now have a clear look at the backwards priorities of Kirk LaPointe,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “With Vision, we have been clear about our top priorities from day one because we care about the same things the people of Vancouver care about. If Kirk LaPointe really cared about our city, he would put forward a platform that helps our most vulnerable residents.

“Kirk LaPointe does not live, work or pay taxes in Vancouver, but his priorities will hurt the people who do,” added the Mayor. “The NPA platform does not include anything on homelessness, has zero commitments on affordable housing or child care, and still no plan on better transit – which puts the Broadway Subway at risk.

“Instead, there are a series of risky proposals – like counterflow lanes – that are not costed and would require big cuts to pay for them. What will the NPA and Kirk LaPointe cut to pay for their spending promises? Police, child care, housing? We still don’t know – and that’s a big risk in this election.”

An analysis of the NPA platform shows an estimated $146 million in new spending, with no way to pay for it.

Issues ignored in the NPA platform:

  • Homelessness
  • Child Care
  • Climate Change
  • Mental health and addictions

Read the full budget analysis of the NPA's promises. [PDF]

Stefan Avlijas


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