Rebecca McNeil is the owner of Together, a digital agency that works exclusively with progressive organizations, including labour, political parties, government, non-profits, and social enterprises to create strong online strategies that inspire real-life action. She has a commitment to building strong organizations to support the most important issues of the day - climate change, environmental action, affordability, and cultural issues.

She has a Masters in Environmental Studies from Dalhousie, where she also taught and served on two SSHRC-funded research teams while publishing several academic pieces, including for the United Nations Environmental Programme. The focus of her academic work was understanding the communications, stakeholder relationships, and policy mobility mechanics around sustainability.

When not working, Rebecca can be found with her 3-year-old daughter, Zuzu, german shepherd, Sam, and husband, Paul, most likely in the outdoors. Rebecca also co-founded Reality Curve Theatre with her husband, performing initially in Vancouver before our off-broadway debut at the NYC's Soho Theatre in 2019.