A diverse and energetic crowd of Vision Vancouver members came together Sunday afternoon to build on the successes of the past 10 years, and to work together on a set of bold new ideas for an even better, more sustainable and more affordable Vancouver.

“Vision Vancouver has accomplished so much to make life better for people, but we must keep moving forward with new ideas and new solutions to the challenges that are still ahead,” said Sheena Sargeant, Co-Chair of Vision. “Today, we saw a new generation of community leaders sharing their ideas for a vibrant Vancouver.”

Re-Fresh, Re-New, Re-enVISION was a half-day community dialogue for Vision Vancouver members to discuss, debate and listen to the creative solutions our community has to offer. The ideas emerging from the afternoon session included housing affordability, increasing rental housing, expanding transit, how to grow childcare services, and many more. 

“Voters sidelined the NPA because their priorities were wrong for Vancouver,” said Sargeant. “And ten years later, we still see the same-old NPA looking for ways to make our city less fair, less fun, less sustainable, and less affordable.

“The threat that the NPA presents should not be underestimated.”

Vision Vancouver is looking forward to a dynamic nomination race, and will be hosting a series of community dialogues, like Sunday’s forum, that will shape a progressive and forward-looking agenda for the campaign.

“Our ultimate goal is to make life better for the people of Vancouver by electing outstanding candidates that reflect the unique neighbourhoods and diverse communities that make this city great.”

Vision Vancouver’s nomination process is now open for Council, Park Board and School Board. Anyone interested in seeking a nomination should contact the party. Candidates, Vision or independent, interested in the mayoral race should express their interest to the party by April 16.


For media: Michael Haack || michael.haack [at] votevision.ca