The NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s lack of support for renters is a big risk for Vancouver, says Mayor Gregor Robertson, who was in the West End today sounding the alarm about what an NPA City Hall would mean for renters.

“The NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s lack of support for renters should be a big concern for voters worried about affordable housing,” said Robertson. “This is a party that opposed the Rent Bank, which has been an important tool in preventing homelessness and helping vulnerable renters, especially seniors. Kirk LaPointe’s platform has zero commitments for renters or rental housing."

Mayor Robertson was joined by MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, who helped found Vancouver's Rent Bank. “With more than half of the City renting, voters need to be aware of what’s at stake on November 15th," said Chandra Herbert. "Gregor has taken action to help prevent homelessness by supporting the creation of Vancouver's Rent Bank and has been a champion for better protections for renters. His support has played a key role in stopping many renovictions in Vancouver. We need that to continue.”

Standing in front of an apartment building at 1168 Pendrell, where tenants faced pressure for eviction this summer, Chandra Herbert thanked the Mayor for his commitment to renewed support for the Rent Bank. The Mayor highlighted the steps Vision has taken to help renters, and a commitment for that work to continue.

“With Vision, voters know that we will prioritize rental housing, support the Rent Bank, and continue to take steps to protect renters, like using injunctions on negligent landlords,” said Mayor Robertson. “The NPA and Kirk LaPointe have no plan for renters and would take us backwards on the steps we’ve taken to help renters in Vancouver.”

Stefan Avlijas


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