One day after the release of the NPA platform, Kirk LaPointe still hasn’t explained what services he’ll need to cut to pay for the $146 million hole his promises put in the City budget. These service cuts won’t affect him as he does not work, live, or pay taxes in Vancouver.

The risk of the NPA’s $146 million budget hole is highlighted with Kirk LaPointe’s refusal to answer basic questions about his policies on affordable housing and homelessness. A video of Kirk LaPointe walking away from a question on housing at his own press conference has been viewed more than 4,000 times on Facebook in 24 hours.

With the NPA’s platform released just 11 days before election day, voters still deserve answers on key questions:

  • What public services will Kirk LaPointe cut to pay for $146 million in NPA promises?
  • Why has Kirk LaPointe walked away from questions on both transit and affordable housing?
  • Why does the NPA platform make no mention of homelessness?
  • Why was Kirk LaPointe unable to provide any sources to back up his proposed budget?
Stefan Avlijas


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