Following the City of Vancouver’s appeal of the National Energy Board’s refusal to examine the climate change impacts of the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, Vision Councillor Andrea Reimer is challenging the NPA’s failure to stand up for Vancouver.

“The NPA’s failure to oppose a seven-fold expansion of oil tanker traffic in Vancouver’s local waters is out of touch and puts Vancouver’s economy and environment at risk,” said Councillor Reimer. “Mr. Lapointe’s refusal to take a stand highlights the risks of letting the NPA take Vancouver backward in this election, and their view that we need to focus more on the ‘benefits’ of oil tankers shows that they just don’t understand today’s Vancouver.”

NPA Councillor George Affleck has voted against the City opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, stated that Vancouver should “trust in the federal review process,” and suggested that there should be a greater focus on the “benefits” of increased oil tankers through our waters.

Over a month ago Mr. Lapointe refused to take a stand against a seven-fold increase in oil tankers in our local waters, saying ‘stay with us, we’ll be back’ and that the City should trust in the jurisdiction of the National Energy Board.

Stefan Avlijas


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