NPA Mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe's recent comments on TransLink demonstrate a lack of knowledge on transit issues, reflecting how the NPA is out of touch with the pressing needs of transit riders and commuters, says Vision Vancouver.

"Kirk LaPointe and the NPA's backward stance on transit is out of touch and should be a concern for the thousands of residents, students, and businesses who rely on our transit system in Vancouver," said Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs."It highlights the fact that the NPA have no plan to improve transit or cut congestion in Vancouver."

In a blog post on Monday, LaPointe opposed an independent investigation into the massive collapse of skytrain service last week, which saw thousands of riders stranded for several hours, increased gridlock, and forced people to walk on elevated guideways. "TransLink has explained what happened," said LaPointe, despite the fact that there has yet to be any explanation for why there was no backup power or communications system in place.


This week, TransLink announced it had hired the former GO Toronto head to conduct an independent investigation, a move which was supported by an editorial in today's Vancouver Sun, stating "irate transit users should take some comfort from TransLink’s clear determination to do better." Mayor Robertson first called for an independent investigation last week.

"If we're going to have better transit and less congestion in Vancouver, you need strong, experienced leadership, and we have that in Mayor Robertson and Vision," added Meggs. "Kirk LaPointe's out of touch comments about transit needs in Vancouver show how the NPA would take our city backwards."

Stefan Avlijas


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