Recent comments by NPA Mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe contradicting himself on the Arbutus Corridor demonstrate a lack of experience on city issues, and highlight the risk voters face with an NPA that would take the city backwards.

"Mr LaPointe's comments about the Arbutus Corridor are out-of-touch and highlight the risk an NPA government would pose to Vancouver's progress," said Vision Vancouver Councillor Heather Deal. "His flip flop within weeks of running for Mayor shows a lack of experience in dealing with complicated city issues, and should concern Vancouver voters."

Since announcing himself as the NPA Mayoral candidate, Mr. LaPointe has both criticized the City for seeking to buy the CP lands, and that the offer the City made was too little money.

On July 23rd, LaPointe tweeted out his opposition to the City attempting to purchase the lands from CP, saying the City's approach was "when in doubt, spend their way out."

On August 15th, he tweeted out that the City had made a mistake in making a "lowball offer," contradicting his previous position of not spending money on the CP lands.

"The issue of the Arbutus Corridor gives a look at the out-of-touch NPA and Kirk LaPointe's ham-fisted attempts to wade in on a complicated issue," added Deal. "By saying the City's offer is too low, he is giving the green light to CP to try and get more tax dollars from the City. For Mr. LaPointe to side with CP instead of the City, and contradict himself on a serious city issue, demonstrates a lack of experience and shows what's at risk with electing the NPA."

The facts:

  • The dispute between CP and the City dates back over ten years.
  • Past Mayors Larry Campbell and Sam Sullivan also sought a deal with CP to purchase the lands for the City and maintain them as a greenway until light rail transit could be built.
  • CP fought the City all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled in 2006 that the City had the right to set the zoning along the Corridor and maintain it as a greenway.
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