The NPA's ideas for public schools are out of touch with the needs of Vancouver families, says Vision Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus, and shows the inexperience of their Mayoral candidate Mr. LaPointe.

"Their proposal to rely on corporate sponsorship as a way to fund our schools would be a serious step backwards for our kids,” says Bacchus. "The fact that the NPA and Mr. LaPointe believe that oil companies like Chevron should be funding our kids' education shows what is at risk in this election. This is not the direction our public schools should be going."

This past term, the Vision School Board's policy on corporate sponsorship did not allow for Chevron to launch its "Fuel Your Schools" program, whereby teachers apply to Chevron for school supplies. In a press release today, the NPA's LaPointe criticized the School Board for rejecting Chevron's money.

“This funding was contingent on Chevron being able to directly interfere with teachers and lesson plans. The NPA's Mr LaPointe and his school board candidates seem to think that turning to oil companies to fund our schools is the way to improve public education," adds Bacchus. “What’s next? McDonald’s teaching nutrition? With Vision, parents know we will be strong advocates for public schools and support student achievement."

The Vision Vancouver School Board team has kept public schools open, despite pressure from the NPA to close them and sell off property. Vision also created a new Mandarin bilingual program at Norquay elementary, secured more than $200 million in new upgrades for Vancouver public schools, and expanded the VSB's international student program. Vision has also overseen the improvement of Aboriginal student graduation rates by 14%.

Stefan Avlijas


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