Vancouver – As Halloween draws near in Vancouver, Vision Vancouver is getting into the spirit of the occasion by highlighting the spooky risks of letting the NPA take Vancouver backward in this election.

“Kirk LaPointe’s refusal to release a fully-costed platform is leaving Vancouver spooked, and we can’t risk the spectre of letting the NPA drag Vancouver backward,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “The NPA’s confusion on transit would make the Broadway Subway a ghost train, and they seem to have incredibly spooky plans to cut crucial City services. Vancouver has been haunted by the NPA before, but only Vision Vancouver has a positive plan to keep moving Vancouver forward – and to keep zombie attacks steadily on the decline!”

Here are our top 7 suggestions for NPA-themed Halloween movie hits:

7. 28 Days Later (and the NPA still has no platform)

6. Ghost Platform

5. Rookie Horror Picture Show

4. I know what you did last term

3. I still don’t know what you’ll do next summer

2. The Phantom of the Endowment Lands

1. Nightmare on Broadway Street!


From all of us at Vision Vancouver, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Stefan Avlijas


cStreet Campaigns (@cstreet_ca) by day | feline enthusiast by night