Elections BC needs to immediately investigate the NPA for potential violations of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, following the admission in today’s Globe and Mail by the NPA President that the party is still accepting corporate donations despite provincial legislation specifically banning them.

On October 30th, 2017, the BC Government introduced legislation that would immediately ban union and corporate donations to municipal political parties. The intent of the legislation was clear: there was no scenario where municipal political parties could legally accept corporate or union donations.

“The NPA needs to come clean on how much corporate cash they have accepted,” said Michael Haack, Co-Chair of Vision Vancouver. “Elections BC needs to put a stop to the NPA raising corporate donations through the backdoor. The spirit of the legislation is clear: there is no scenario where municipal parties can accept corporate donations.”

Vision Vancouver will be lodging a formal complaint with the BC Chief Electoral Officer to investigate the NPA’s fundraising activities given the admission in today’s Globe and Mail.

Questions that the NPA needs to answer:

  • How much corporate cash have they accepted since October 31st 2017, when the ban began?
  • Which companies donated to the NPA, despite the ban being in place?
  • How soon will the improper corporate donations be returned?

Under Section 86 of the Local Elections Financing Act, an individual who commits an offence related to campaign contributions can face fines or up to a year in jail. 


For media: Michael Haack ||  Michael.haack [at] votevision.ca