Comments made at the Metro Vancouver Alliance assembly by the NPA's mayoral candidate on transit should be a big concern for Vancouver voters, says Vision Vancouver.

When asked his position on supporting better transit and if he would champion the new 10-year Transit Plan for Metro Vancouver, the NPA's Mr LaPointe said he did support the 10 year plan, but then did not support the proposal as it involves using the carbon tax.

"Mr LaPointe's lack of support for better transit and a Broadway Subway is a real risk that voters need to be aware of," said Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs, who attended the event. "At a time when we need strong, clear leadership in support of investing in transit, the NPA continue to seek ways to undermine and second-guess the work that has been done to build consensus.

"With a region-wide referendum on transit taking place just months after this November's election, now is not the time to elect a Mayor who continues to find ways to say 'no' to supporting better transit. The NPA won't clearly support a Broadway Subway and lack any sense of urgency to improve transit. The NPA's position - of lack thereof - is a huge risk to our economy and our environment."

Timeline of NPA mixed messages on transit:

July 14, 2014

When asked if he supports a Broadway Subway at his campaign launch, Mr LaPointe was unsure, saying "the subway may be the way to do it."


July 21, 2014, CBC Radio

One week later, Mr LaPointe says he now does support a Broadway Subway: "It’s been like that for the Broadway subway proposal which I happen to support."


Sept 4th, Twitter

Mr LaPointe tweets out a promise guaranteeing he will get the Broadway Subway built: "Can't build bike lanes properly. Why would you trust @MayorGregor to create a subway? We will deliver. Six years in, they haven't. #vanpoli"


September 11, 2014.

Mr LaPointe criticizes the Mayor, claiming he is overpromising on the Broadway Subway: "his suggestion that it is a done deal is way wide of the facts.”


October 3, 2014

Mr LaPointe blogs that there is no commitment for an underground subway:

"There is no actual Broadway “subway” in what is planned and approved. The approved TransLink funds are for an above-ground Millennium Line SkyTrain extension from Commercial Drive to Arbutus Street."

The language in the TransLink Mayor's 10 year plan reads: "The region is committed to constructing and operating the extension as a tunnelled alignment along Broadway." 


Mr LaPointe's comments last night on transit puts him offside with 22 of 23 Metro Vancouver Mayors, who support the 10-year regional transit plan that would invest in the Broadway Subway, new light-rail in Surrey, and more bus service throughout the region.

Stefan Avlijas


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