Supply-side advocate fought against new housing across his street

NPA by-election candidate Hector Bremner wants more housing supply in Vancouver — just as long as it's nowhere near him.

In an interview with Metro News published this week, Bremner says there's only one solution to Vancouver's housing challenges, and that is to “build, build, build.” He goes on to add “there are two things that experts agree on: climate change and the supply crisis in Vancouver. It's time to end this pretending we can solve it with basement suites and laneway homes.”

Bremner’s campaign comments are a far cry from when he came to speak to city council on July 25th, at a public hearing for a new development at Burrard and Nelson. Bremner opposed the project, which includes 331 new units of housing along with 61 social housing units. Stating that he lived in a building across the street, Bremner (Speaker #42) urged Council to say no to the hundreds of new housing units the project would provide, instead making a passionate plea for Council to turn it down and take more time to do further traffic studies.

“Not all development is equal, and not all of it divine,” said Bremner.

Bremner then quoted Jane Jacobs in an attempt to justify why there should not be a new condo building across the street from his condo tower.

“Without a fulsome study of the impacts of residents on the east side of Burrard and a true assessment of street life and traffic, it is hard to argue that such a significant decision is being made appropriately, or that everybody, as Jane thought, is being included.”

Later, Bremner added “we run the unnecessary risk of damaging an important neighborhood of our city for generations...unfairly impact existing residents’ quality of life.”

“There is no reason to rush this now,” he concluded.

NPA Council candidate Hector Bremner: he wants more housing supply and he wants it quickly. Unless it is across the street from where he lives, in which case, we don't need it and we should do a traffic study instead.

Video footage of the July 25th public hearing is available at

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