Vision Vancouver City Councillor and Chair of the City Finance and Services Committee Raymond Louie today provided a costing for Kirk LaPointe and the NPA’s campaign promises. Louie says not only is it clear that the NPA has the wrong priorities for Vancouver, but that the promises they have made would spell disaster for the city’s finances.

“It’s bad enough that Mr. LaPointe and the NPA have not told people where they stand on most of the issues,” said Louie. “But the financial implications of the reckless promises they have made show that a LaPointe-NPA administration would mean either massive cuts to services in Vancouver, or a massive tax hike.”

With less than 24 hours until advance voting starts, Kirk LaPointe and the NPA have provided no analysis or budgeting for any of their own promises. Councillor Louie analyzed the list of election commitments as listed on Kirk LaPointe’s own website, thevancouverIwant.ca, and compared them to existing City policy, budgets, and Council reports.

An analysis by Councillor Louie shows that NPA spending promises add up to:

  • A $33.3 million increase to the Operating Budget
  • A $112.8 million increase to the Capital Budget

“There’s no way around it. A conservative estimate shows that their promises would blow a $146 million hole in the City’s budget. That money has to come from somewhere. Cuts to police? Cuts to child care? What will Kirk LaPointe cut to pay for his promises?

“Of course, as someone who does not live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver, none of this will effect Mr. LaPointe directly.”

Mayor Gregor Robertson, who joined Councillor Louie at his briefing, said the analysis should be of concern to people across the city.

“The fact the NPA and Kirk LaPointe have no details for the financial implications of their promises should be a major concern to people,” said Mayor Robertson. “The NPA priorities are wrong, they’re risky, and they would take us backwards.”

Stefan Avlijas


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