A Message from Gregor Robertson

After an extremely troubling week in the United States, I wanted to reach out and share my thoughts on combatting racism and extremism here in Vancouver.

Over the past 9 months, I've made statements on the Quebec mosque shooting, the Vancouver synagogue bomb hoaxes, and President Trump’s racist travel ban. We launched our 101 Days of Action Against Discrimination and held community meetings to challenge Franklin Graham’s anti-LGTBQ2+ statements. And this past week, my heart goes out to those hurt by the tragedy in Charlottesville.

Sadly, these statements of condolence are a constant requirement. But diverse communities affected by these acts have endured tragedy far too many times. If we hesitate to call out hatred, it will persist and grow.

We can't let that happen.

Acts of hate and violence must always be met with strong resistance. We unequivocally reject racism, bigotry, and discrimination as well as those who spread it in our city. I am heartened by the response from Vancouverites this week - people of all ages and backgrounds speaking out forcefully against racism and bigotry, and committing to standing strong, vigilant, and peaceful in the face of ignorance and fear. That's the Vancouver I know.

I stand in solidarity with anti-racism protesters, and encourage peaceful efforts to call out white supremacy, hate, and racist speech whenever they take place. Vancouver is not immune to racism. It is imperative that we are vigilant with a passionate, non-violent defence of our values to ensure our city remains inclusive, welcoming, and diverse.

I’m proud of our city. I'm proud that people around the world look to Vancouver as an example of multiculturalism in action.

Friend, I can tell you this — I will always stand with you in speaking out against racism, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and discrimination.

Hate has no place in the City of Vancouver.

In solidarity,

Gregor Robertson
Mayor of Vancouver

Paul Nixey


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