Mayor Gregor Robertson encourages voters to support Vision’s positive plan over NPA negativity

Surrounded by members of the Vision Vancouver team, Mayor Gregor Robertson encouraged voters to consider which party has the best plan to move the city forward as they prepare to head to the polls tomorrow.

He delivered his remarks at Delamont Park near Arbutus and Broadway, which is where a Broadway Subway would extend to from the VCC-Clark station.

“I love this city, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” said Mayor Robertson. “What I’ve heard most during this campaign is the passion of the people of Vancouver for this city, and the positive outlook they have for the future.


Former Mayor Larry Campbell, former Mayor Mike Harcourt and Liberal MP Joyce Murray support Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson


Two former Mayors and a current Liberal MP today announced their support for Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, the latest of several high profile endorsements he has received during the campaign.

“There is a lot at risk in this election and that’s why I’ve chosen to endorse Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson,” said former Mayor, Senator Larry Campbell. “I have always believed that we, as a city, cannot leave the vulnerable and less fortunate behind, and Gregor has shown the commitment and program to do this.”

Former Mayor and B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt agreed. “Gregor Roberson and Vision Vancouver are committed to building the Broadway Subway, building more affordable housing, and, increasing childcare spaces,” said Harcourt. “This is a close election and there is a big risk with the NPA and Kirk LaPointe. They will cut environmental and housing programs, have no plan on transit, and would take us backwards. Let’s not take that risk.”


2 days before election, Mayor Robertson contrasts Vision's positive choice with the backward, right-wing NPA

With advance polls closed, and the final chance to vote coming up on Saturday, Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team continued to advance their positive plan for Vancouver’s future, while highlighting the risk of a backwards NPA in a close election.

"There is a huge difference between the NPA and Vision Vancouver on the issues voters care about, and a lot at stake in this election,” said Robertson. “Kirk LaPointe and the NPA are not interested in dealing with affordable housing, they’ve fumbled on transit, and they promise to roll back our Greenest City plan. Kirk LaPointe and the NPA have walked away from the tough questions because they know voters won’t like their answers.


Vision Vancouver releases final four ads of 2014 campaign

With two days until election day, Vision Vancouver has released their final four advertisements. The two TV and two radio spots will be in wide circulation as of this morning.

The ads feature Mayor Gregor Robertson directly asking voters for their support to continue the progressive leadership Vision Vancouver has taken.

“I love Vancouver and I believe in what we’re doing together,” says Robertson in the ads. “Like building a greener city, and creating new jobs in digital and clean technology.”

“There’s a lot more we need to do now. From standing up to more oil tankers, to making the Broadway Subway our top priority. I’m committed to Vancouver. I would be honoured if you would give me the opportunity to continue as your Mayor. So I’m asking for your vote. Thank-you.”

Radio ads can be found here:

TV ads can be found here:


Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson casts ballot on final day of advanced voting to kick off his #votevision push

Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson cast his ballot this morning on the final day of advanced voting to kick off a day of campaigning to encourage people to vote.

“There is a lot at risk in this election,” said Mayor Robertson. “While Kirk LaPointe does not live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver, his policies would hurt the people who do. LaPointe has proposed $146M in new spending, and the NPA would have to cut services like daycare and libraries to pay for those promises - that is what's at risk.”

Mayor Robertson said the key contrast for voters to consider is between Mr. LaPointe and the NPA, who have walked away from serious questions about housing and the environment, and the clear plan of the Vision Vancouver team.


Vision Vancouver’s new ads say your vote will make the difference

With only four days to election day, Vision Vancouver has released new radio and TV ads to remind voters of the importance of this election to keep our city moving forward.

“We have worked to create a greener city that leads the world and create new jobs in digital and clean technology. We need to continue to stand up against more oil tankers, make the Broadway Subway our top priority, and build thousands more housing units for families over the next four years,” says Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“It’s close, and every vote will count. Vision Vancouver will be working hard to get every vote out, in the last advance poll tomorrow, and on Saturday."

The new TV ad can be viewed here.

The new radio ad can be heard here:


Vancouver commemorates Remembrance Day

Vancouver - Mayor Gregor Robertson will participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies at Vancouver's Victory Square.

Statement from the Mayor:

“Today we remember and reflect upon the profound sacrifices made by Canada’s veterans, ranging from the First World War one hundred years ago to the tragic loss of Canadian soldiers just last month.

“The values and freedoms that define Vancouver as a city are the inheritance of their remarkable service, and we thank the women and men who serve in Canada’s Armed Forces today for their continued courage.

“While the sacrifices of so many who have come before us may seem long ago in memory, their contribution to Canada’s future lives on in our enduring commitment to peace, democracy, freedom and justice. Lest we forget.” - Mayor Gregor Robertson


Environmental protections, greenest city progress at risk with NPA’s LaPointe



The NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s policies will put Vancouver’s environment and greenest city progress at risk, says Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“Vancouver voters need to be aware of the threat that Kirk LaPointe and the NPA pose to our city’s environment,” said the Mayor, who was joined by the former Chair of the Vancouver Green Party Ben West and Vision Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer this morning.

Despite the fact that public opinion in Vancouver has consistently been overwhelmingly opposed to Kinder Morgan’s plans to put 340 more oil tankers a year through Vancouver, Mr. LaPointe and the NPA are willing to support the project.

“Mr. LaPointe walks away from the tough questions, and he won’t stand up for the people of Vancouver,” said Mayor Robertson.


Former BC Premier Ujjal Dosanjh endorses Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team


Former BC Premier and federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh has endorsed Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team for the upcoming November 15th election.

“Vancouver is a progressive city, and it needs progressive leadership at City Hall,” said Dosanjh, former Member of Parliament for Vancouver South. “The NPA has taken a hard and negative turn to the right, and no longer represents the priorities of this remarkable city. With so much at stake in this election, I’m encouraging voters to support the inclusive, compassionate, and forward-looking leadership of Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team.”


They Win, You Lose: new website highlights NPA risk with 6 days to election


Vision Vancouver is launching a new website that outlines the NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s right-wing record on key issues, highlighting the risk with just six days to the election. outlines the NPA and Kirk LaPointe’s record on housing, social programs, the environment, and transit. It includes their record on key issues at City Council, such as 25 votes against affordable housing, their election platform having zero commitments on homelessness, and voting against funding for child care and libraries this term.