June 4, 2018

After a contentious nomination race, the NPA have elected a mayoral candidate that still represents more of the same old NPA, say Vision Vancouver Co-Chair Michael Haack. 

“The NPA has chosen to run Ken Sim in the fall election," said Haack. "But Sim’s non-existent record on tackling the key challenges facing our city - and his choice to run with a party that has failed to support critical action on housing, the opioid crisis and more, year after year - tells us everything we need to know going into October. It’s the same NPA we’ve come to expect, with the same billionaire backers who want to make sure big money stays in politics.

“There is a reason no one’s heard of Ken Sim. Mr. Sim has no experience in public service, and no record of putting anyone but himself first. The one thing we do know: he has made it clear he will not stand up for Vancouver, or for protecting our coast and the jobs that depend on our environment.

“The NPA is a divided and dysfunctional party, and Ken Sim and the NPA are just not what our city needs. Vancouver is at a crossroads. This is a critical moment in our city’s history, one that requires strong and innovative leadership – not backtracking. And it is clear that the NPA want to take our city backwards.”

"Vancouver has accomplished a lot in the last decade, including massive investments in sustainable transportation, housing, green space and parks, and the sustained growth of our local economy. But we all know there is more to do to ensure our city remains a place people can afford to live and thrive." 

Vision Vancouver will announce next steps in the party's mayoral nomination process in the days ahead.


For media: Michael Haack || michael.haack [at] votevision.ca