Mayor Gregor Robertson was at VCC-Clark Skytrain Station this morning, stating that if re-elected his top transportation priority will be to get the Broadway Subway built.

"The Broadway Corridor is BC’s second-biggest jobs centre and the busiest bus corridor in North America, and it is at capacity -- we need a Broadway Subway," said Mayor Robertson. "In addition to cutting congestion and helping thousands of transit users, Vision Vancouver is clear that a Broadway Subway is the single best thing we can do to grow our economy and protect our environment.”

Mayor Robertson's clear position on the subway is in stark contrast to Mr. LaPointe and the NPA, who so far have offered no plan. On the day he launched his campaign for Mayor, the NPA's Mr. LaPointe said he was 'not sure' about a Broadway Subway. 

"The NPA's lack of leadership on Broadway would take Vancouver backwards and shows what's at risk in this election. Mr. LaPointe and an NPA council would put the city in economic gridlock as they ignore the pressing needs of the Broadway Corridor," added Mayor Robertson. 

2014 data indicates that a new Broadway Subway would see over 250,000 trips on its first day, more than the new Port Mann Bridge, a new Massey Tunnel, or the Canada Line. It would also reduce the number of car trips on the corridor by 50,000, significantly reducing congestion and improving air quality.

"If you want to be Mayor of Vancouver, you need to have a clear position on the biggest transportation priority facing our city," added Mayor Robertson. "Mr LaPointe'sconfusion over the future of Broadway is out of touch with the thousands of people who use the route every day.

"Vancouver needs strong, experienced leadership with a plan for our future. With Vision Vancouver, voters know that we have a plan for our environment and our economy - and we can't risk going backwards with the NPA."

Stefan Avlijas


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