Mayor Gregor Robertson was joined by members of the Vision Vancouver team this morning to release the complete and fully costed Vision 2014 platform.

“I’m proud of the progress we’ve made as a city, and I’m excited about what we can achieve in the next four years,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson. “But with each day that goes by, and each empty promise Kirk LaPointe and the NPA make, it’s clear that their election would put Vancouver’s livability and prosperity at risk.”

With 17 days to go to the election, the NPA and Kirk LaPointe still refuse to release a full platform. So far, not one of the NPA’s promises has been costed, highlighting the risk to Vancouver of electing their inexperienced team.

The Vision Vancouver Council platform contains 83 commitments for the next four years. Commitments already announced during the election campaign include:

  • A commitment to keep moving forward on the Broadway Subway.
  • Vision Vancouver’s Affordability Agenda
  • 4,000 new rental housing units
  • 1,000 new child care spaces
  • ‘First Program Free’ for kids’ beginner swimming lessons
  • To double the size of the School Board’s hot breakfast program for vulnerable kids.
  • A commitment to continue to stand up against the Kinder Morgan plan to put 340 more oil tankers a year in our waters.

Additional commitments released in the launch of the full platform today include:

  • A commitment to protect and increase co-op housing and to continue to support the Vancouver Rent Bank.
  • A new Independent Artists Fund, to support local artists starting festivals, concerts, or pop-up stores in Vancouver.
  • An extension of patio hours to 1am in the summer and the addition of another 20 new food trucks.
  • An increase of resources for the VPD to target dangerous drivers and cyclists who put pedestrians at risk.

“With Vision, voters know where we stand, and can have confidence that we have a clear, pragmatic plan for moving Vancouver forward,” said Mayor Robertson. “We have a strong, experienced team at Council, Park Board and School Board that can deliver on our priorities. With the NPA and Kirk LaPointe, voters have an inexperienced group of candidates who refuse to release a platform, have risky spending promises with no way to pay for them, and whose housing and transportation policies would take us backwards.

“We can’t risk the NPA’s Kirk LaPointe, who flubs the details of the Broadway Subway and wants to cancel our rental housing programs. As a city we need to go forward, and Vision has a plan to make it happen.”

The Vision platform can be read at

Stefan Avlijas


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