Surrounded by members of the Vision Vancouver team, Mayor Gregor Robertson encouraged voters to consider which party has the best plan to move the city forward as they prepare to head to the polls tomorrow.

He delivered his remarks at Delamont Park near Arbutus and Broadway, which is where a Broadway Subway would extend to from the VCC-Clark station.

“I love this city, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” said Mayor Robertson. “What I’ve heard most during this campaign is the passion of the people of Vancouver for this city, and the positive outlook they have for the future.

“I believe that as a city we are on the right track, but voters need to be aware that the stakes are high in this election. We’ve heard from people like former NPA President Michael Davis that the NPA is more conservative than ever before. Mr. LaPointe has walked away from the tough questions on housing and the Broadway Subway, and would throw out our greenest city plan. If elected, there’s no question the NPA and Kirk LaPointe will take Vancouver backwards. They are not worth the risk.”

Mayor Robertson again reached out to all progressive voters, and especially those who are considering voting for COPE. “We share the same ideals, and the same goals,” he said. “The NPA doesn’t even want to talk about homelessness, and won’t stand up against Kinder Morgan. This is a close election with a right-wing NPA and I am asking for your support so that we can keep moving forward.”

Mayor Robertson ended by saying the campaign has made him determined to work even harder for Vancouver, and asked for everyone to get out and vote 8-7-6: eight Vision Vancouver Councillors, seven Vision School Trustees, and six Vision Park Board commissioners.

“We can and will do more, and we can and will do it better. I am asking Vancouverites for their vote so we can keep moving forward, together.”

Stefan Avlijas


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