Today Mayor Gregor Robertson launched a new positive video message highlighting how the experience and strong leadership of the Vision team will keep Vancouver moving forward. The video message is in stark contrast to negative online advertising from the NPA and Mr. LaPointe and their lack of any coherent plan, demonstrating the risks of letting the NPA take Vancouver backwards in this election.

"Today Vancouver is moving forward because we’re standing up for what we believe in," says Mayor Gregor Robertson in the new video. "We’ve got a plan and it’s working, from building more affordable housing to making a new Broadway Subway our top priority. Together, we’ve come a long way - let’s not turn back now. Let’s go forward with Vision.”

Last week the Mayor committed to make a new Broadway Subway his top transportation priority if re-elected, after the NPA's Mr. LaPointe had said he was not sure about the project and waffled both on the future of the Arbutus corridor and separated bike lanes.

“With negative politics and no positive plan on issues such as building the Broadway Subway or standing up against 340 more oil tankers in our local waters, the NPA’s Mr. LaPointe has shown he is out of touch with today’s Vancouver,” said Vision Council candidate Niki Sharma. “Vision Vancouver has a positive plan and the strong, experienced leadership we need to keep Vancouver moving forward, and that’s the choice facing voters in this election.”

Watch the new positive video message here.

Stefan Avlijas


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