Vancouver – The NPA’s Mr. LaPointe broke his own party’s first election promise yesterday when he contradicted NPA Councillor George Affleck’s election pledge to remove the bike lane on Point Grey Road, once again highlighting the risks of an out-of-touch NPA in this fall’s election.

“Mr LaPointe's contradiction of Councillor Affleck begs the question of who really speaks for the NPA," said Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs. "The NPA's policy flip-flops are highlighting Mr LaPointe's inexperience on civic issues, and shining a spotlight on how the NPA would drag Vancouver backwards. 

"Only Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision team have the experience and leadership to keep Vancouver moving forward.”

The NPA’s Mr. LaPointe took to social media yesterday afternoon to claim that the NPA had no intention of tearing up protected bike lanes. On January 20th of this year, Councillor George Affleck and the NPA promised to “Re-open Point Grey Road to through car traffic if the party wins a mandate in November’s civic election,” and asked residents to attend a rally and “come show support for re-opening Pt. Grey Rd."

Last week the City of Vancouver announced that Vancouver’s protected bike lanes had achieved all time records for their use, including a 21% increase in trips over the Burrard Bridge and a 150% increase in trips along Point Grey Road.

Stefan Avlijas


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