Kishone Roy no longer running for City Council

Local author and affordable housing advocate Kishone Roy will not be will not be running for city council in the upcoming election.

“I have been honoured to be a Vision Vancouver candidate for council alongside this remarkable team of people, who I believe would make a significant difference for our city. While my passion for the city runs deep, I am being encouraged to pursue opportunities in the housing sector federally and will likely be relocating to Ottawa. I strongly encourage you to support the Vision Vancouver candidates to advance a supportive housing agenda in Vancouver” Roy said. 

Vision Vancouver is grateful to the contributions that Kishone Roy has made as a candidate and know they will continue to advance solutions to address the housing crisis our country faces. We wish Kishone all the best in their future pursuits. 

Vision Vancouver is running an exceptional team of candidates for city council, park board and school board. The full list of the slate can be seen here

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