The release by the NPA and Kirk LaPointe of their campaign donors fails LaPointe’s own transparency test – highlighting the risk of another broken promise in the final days of the election campaign from a candidate who does not live, work, or pay taxes in Vancouver.

Yesterday, former NPA President Michael Davis said "The NPA has moved further and further to the right, a monochromatic party of angry people afraid of losing what they have." The NPA's heavy reliance on a single donor and refusal to release full details of their disclosure reinforces this right-wing shift.

“I have said transparency is my policy hill to die on," Kirk LaPointe said on October 30. Today Mr. LaPointe and the NPA failed the transparency test by failing to release a complete disclosure, in stark contrast to Vision Vancouver.

Kirk LaPointe did not reveal the names of donors contributing less than $100. Vision Vancouver provided this information.

Kirk LaPointe did not reveal donations by corporation, union, or individual. Vision Vancouver provided this information.

Peter Armstrong, the President of Rocky Mountaineer and President of the NPA, donated more than $400,000 to the NPA – making it the second largest donation in Canadian political history, after the $960,000 donation to the NPA from developer Rob Macdonald in 2011. Armstrong is responsible for 20% of all donations to the NPA in this election.

Stefan Avlijas


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