Ken Clement has lived in Vancouver for more than 30 years and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN).

Ken, of Ktunaxa First Nation ancestry, was first elected with the Vision Vancouver education team in 2008, making him the first-ever aboriginal trustee to serve on the Vancouver School Board.

A strong leader in organizations serving aboriginal people in the Metro Vancouver region, Ken has offered steady executive guidance to aboriginal health organizations and has been involved in the Aboriginal HIV and AIDS movement since 1998. Ken is involved with the National Aboriginal Council on HIV and AIDS (NACHA), and collaborates with many of Canada's leading organizations to advocate on this important public health issue for aboriginal peoples.

Ken's introduction to formal education began with a decade spent in residential school. His personal experiences within residential schools led to the strengthening and resiliency of his character, which is the foundation for his passion and commitment to social justice.

Ken works tirelessly to enhance the educational system's ability to provide an opportunity to succeed for every student, regardless of where they live in the city, their income level, or cultural background, particularly amongst aboriginal students.

Ken's efforts have provided a much-needed voice for the advancement of social justice, health, housing, and educational conditions for aboriginal people. He sees the work in these areas and others as inspiring and empowering aboriginal people to dream of a better, forward-looking life, while being respectful of the grounding and family-based communities and traditions they value.