Honieh هانیه برزگری (she/her) moved to Vancouver from Tehran in 2015. She proudly obtained her Canadian citizenship in 2019. She earned her medical degree in Tehran, Iran where she had a rewarding career as a family doctor. She then began to work for a pharmaceutical company and advised on best medical practices and ensured compliance to medical standards and ethics. During this time, she earned her Certificate in Business Management. When she arrived in Vancouver, her first job was teaching at a private post secondary college, where she used her medical knowledge to train clinicians in a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. For the past four years, she has worked at a Vancouver-based healthcare technology startup company, combining her medical knowledge and business experience.

Here in Vancouver, she volunteered at Mount Saint Joseph hospital in the Mount Pleasant area from 2016 to 2018 (once a week). She helped to orient patients and their families upon arrival at the ER. This hospital is a well-known health center serving Canadians of Chinese descent. She also volunteered at Pain BC from 2017 to 2018 and coached chronic pain patients to manage their pain in an efficient way to find personal solutions.

As an immigrant and relative newcomer to Vancouver, Honieh has personally faced the challenges of starting over, growing roots and making a new place home. Since settling here, she has made many new friends and admires the strengths and diversity of her fellow Vancouverites.

Honieh’s experience in business and tech has given her an understanding of the importance of technology jobs and their contribution to Vancouver’s growth and future prosperity.

The Covid pandemic has taught us that all aspects of personal health and well-being are essential to the health of our community. Honieh’s medical background and volunteer experience gives her the ability to integrate public health concerns into every issue she considers.

Honieh is committed to self improvement, positive change and puts those values into practice. She loves and respects art and has made it a part of her daily life. She dances flamenco, recites poetry, and writes. She values the power of culture to unite people across the city.

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