The Vision team - Heather Deal, Catherine Evans, Diego Cardona, and Tanya Paz - released their environmental and climate action platform for City Council, outlining the next steps they will champion to keep Vancouver a clean, green place to live where people work together to protect the environment.

“The choice for voters is clear. A progressive council with the Vision team that builds public transit, shifts to clean energy and protects our coast, or an NPA-led council that will ax public transit, double down on fossil fuels and roll over for big oil and gas,” said Vision Council Candidate Heather Deal.

The Vision team will make make life better for Vancouver residents by fighting for:

  • The Broadway Subway to UBC - the Vision team will champion the extension of the subway from Arbutus all the way to UBC; this will make life better for commuters and reduce pollution that comes from gridlock and bumper-to-bumper traffic;
  • 100% Renewables by 2050 - the Vision team will keep Vancouver on track to shift off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy sources by 2050 or sooner, by implementing Vancouver’s Renewable City Action Plan;
  • Zero Emission Buildings - the Vision team will ensure all new city buildings meet Passive House Standards, demonstrating leadership and promoting local investment and experience in the cutting-edge clean building technologies of the future;
  • Greener Places for People - the Vision team will champion new green spaces and infrastructure for people, including 2,000 new community garden plots over the next four years, an expanded bike lane network to keep cyclists safe and better maintained parks.
  • Protecting our Coast - the Vision team will stand strong against the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, the seven-fold increase in tanker traffic, and the risk of a catastrophic diluted bitumen oil spill in our coastal waters.

“Vision Vancouver is the only party that has a bold plan on the environment and the track record to back it up,” Deal said. “Whoever the next Mayor is, they are only one vote on Council. If voters want to keep Vancouver committed to becoming the greenest city in the world, they need to vote for the Vision team for City Council on October 20th.”

Vision Vancouver’s commitments on the environment contrast with the NPA and its offshoots like Wai Young and Hector Bremner. The Vision team are warning there is plenty at stake:

  • The NPA will block the Broadway Subway to UBC -- Ken Sim opposes the subway to UBC, and that means longer commutes for people and more pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change

  • The NPA opposes separated bike lanes and cyclist safety - the NPA voted against every new separated bike lane this past term despite the protection they provide for cyclists; the NPA will freeze construction of bike lanes, and may join a coalition on council with other right-wing parties that are promising to rip out all the bike lanes to make way for cars;  

NPA votes no to bike lane expansion. -January 19, 2018

  • The NPA will bow to pressure from big oil and gas - Ken Sim will protect the oil and gas interests he invests in, and will eliminate the Renewable City Action Plan and keep Vancouver dependent on fossil fuels;

All NPA councillors vote no on Renewable City Action Plan. -November 1, 2017

  • The NPA may well eliminate the public bike share program; they voted against bike share even though it’s a success with more than one million trips in two years; and

“...a bike share program together that is likely to fail.” NPA Councillor George Affleck, Vancouver Sun, July 23, 2013

  • The NPA will quit the fight to protect our coast; they will abandon Vancouver’s work to stop the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, increasing the risk of oil spills.

“Do I support the project? In some ways, yes.” -NPA Candidate Melissa De Genova on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Vancouver Courier, January 20, 2017

“We invite progressive mayoral candidates to get behind Vision’s environmental and climate change plan. Let’s work together to keep Vancouver the greenest city,” said Deal. “We can stop the NPA. If they get control of City Council, the progress we’ve made on the environment and climate change will be rolled back. On October 20th, Vancouverites get to choose a Mayor and 10 city councillors - and we’re urging voters who care about the environment to make sure they save five of those votes for the Vision team.”

Michael Roy


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