Vision Vancouver puts people first by fighting to improve quality of life for people

The Vision team - Heather Deal, Catherine Evans, Diego Cardona, and Tanya Paz - marked Thanksgiving weekend by celebrating Vancouver’s status as a vibrant, lively and beautiful place to live, work and play, and by outlining their plan to build on this success to make the city even more fun for people.   

“Vancouver is the best place to live in the world. Voting for the Vision team on October 20th means five solid votes on City Council for making Vancouver an even more fun place for people to live, work and play,” said Vision candidate Heather Deal.

The Vision team will make life better for Vancouver residents by fighting for:

  • Supercharging Arts and Culture - the Vision team will champion new supports for Vancouver’s vibrant arts and cultural scene; we will help artists tell their stories and our stories, with a special focus on previously underrepresented voices and communities, including Indigenous communities, by implementing Vancouver’s Creative City Strategy.
  • Amping Up the City’s Music Scene - the Vision team will provide new supports for our city's vibrant music scene and support music and musicians working and living here by implementing Vancouver’s Music City Strategy;
  • Attracting More Special Events - the Vision team will implement a new special events policy that makes it quicker and easier for special events to take place in Vancouver, moving from a rules-focused approach to a focus on attracting great events to our city;
  • More Healthy Local Food - the Vision team will expand  Vancouver’s popular local farmers’ markets and community gardens, that feed people and build community, by implementing Vancouver’s Food City program.
  • More Parks and Gathering Places - the Vision team will fight for more parklets, public patios, and more regular open streets events in neighbourhoods across the city; and
  • Free First Swimming Lessons - Vision will offer free first course to kids under 14, to make Vancouver more affordable, inclusive and fun for every family.

“Vancouver is a vibrant, diverse city where people love to live. Vision has worked hard to build the kind of lively, strong neighbourhoods that people are proud to call home, Deal said. “Whoever the next Mayor is, they are only one vote on Council. If voters want to keep Vancouver committed to local arts, culture, music, parks, events and programs for kids that bring us together as a community, they need to vote for the Vision team for City Council.”

Vision has a proud track record making Vancouver a fun place to live, including:

  • Extended Patio Hours - so restaurant patrons can kick back, outside, at their favourite establishments in the summer months for longer;
  • More Food Trucks - Under Vision, the number of food trucks who have received permits to serve healthy, interesting food options has grown to 100 and counting;
  • More Public Spaces - Created permanent public spaces at 800 Robson Street and Jim Deva Plaza on Davie Street;
  • More Parks - More launched Streets to Parklet program which is converting parking spaces into patios and public spaces (Main and 14th, Commercial Drive and fifth, main and 20th, Robson and Bute);
  • New Civic Events - Granted civic event status to a wide range of diverse events, including the Pride Parade, the Lunar New Year Parade, and the Vaisakhi Parade;
  • Preserving Cultural Spaces and Community Hubs - Helped  save the Rio Theatre and preserve as a cultural space, purchased St. James Community Square to preserve as affordable cultural space, and approved a heritage agreement to preserve the Hollywood Theatre;
  • Support for New Vancouver Art Gallery - dedicated two-thirds of the city land at Larwell Park for a new expanded Vancouver Art Gallery;

“The choice for voters is clear. A progressive council with the Vision team that supports arts, culture and music, and that will improve quality of life for everyday people, or an NPA-led council that will work for the wealthy and well-connected and drag our city backwards,” said Deal.

Michael Roy


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