Two former Mayors and a current Liberal MP today announced their support for Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, the latest of several high profile endorsements he has received during the campaign.

“There is a lot at risk in this election and that’s why I’ve chosen to endorse Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson,” said former Mayor, Senator Larry Campbell. “I have always believed that we, as a city, cannot leave the vulnerable and less fortunate behind, and Gregor has shown the commitment and program to do this.”

Former Mayor and B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt agreed. “Gregor Roberson and Vision Vancouver are committed to building the Broadway Subway, building more affordable housing, and, increasing childcare spaces,” said Harcourt. “This is a close election and there is a big risk with the NPA and Kirk LaPointe. They will cut environmental and housing programs, have no plan on transit, and would take us backwards. Let’s not take that risk.”

“I’m supporting Gregor because I believe he has the right priorities on the environment, and will support better transit in our city,” said Vancouver-Quadra Liberal MP Joyce Murray. “He’s spoken out against Stephen Harper’s cuts to the environment and the risks of more oil tanker traffic in our waters. I also support Gregor's commitment to get new child care built, which is crucial for supporting young families in our city.”

“All the progress we’ve made is at risk with Kirk LaPointe,” concluded Campbell. “Our city just can’t afford that risk.”

Campbell, Harcourt, and Murray are just the latest three Vancouver leaders to come forward and offer their support to Vision Vancouver Mayor Robertson.

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